Sudbury man ordered to pay costs after trying to reinstate assault charge against police officer

29 April, 2016

A judge has dismissed a motion from a Sudbury man who wanted an assault charge reinstated against a city police officer — and he has ordered him to pay costs.

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David Del Mastro Trial On Charge of Illegal Campaign Financing Down to Evidence vs. Common Sense

26 April, 2016

On the last day of the second Del Mastro trial — for David, this time, not Dean — a question of common sense came to the fore. It arrived vis-a-vis a relationship to hard, definitive proof.

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24 July, 2015

How the dogged determination of law society disciplinarians cost not only the careers of two top lawyers but millions of dollars in the process.

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Careers derailed

6 July, 2015

After five years spent at ground zero of a spreading financial disaster known as the Hollinger newspaper swap, Elizabeth DeMerchant was acutely aware of its toxicity. As the Torys LLP counsel watched from the sidelines, the reputations of one director, auditor, or legal counsel after another had been laid waste by scandal or suspicion.

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Vetrovec Warning Deficient, New Fraud Case Trial Ordered

14 November, 2014

The Court of Appeal for Ontario has ordered a new trial in the 2011 conviction of an alleged fraudster, arguing that the trial judge failed to adequately explain to the jury in her Vetrovec warning why the testimony of four accomplices required special scrutiny.

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